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Frequently Asked Questions

No, at the moment credit card payment is not available.

Yes, PayPal payment is available, but this will cost you 5.8% more due to PayPal fees. Ask us the email address where to pay after completing your check-out process .

At the end of the check-out process the shipping cost will be calculated and added to the groud total.

Yes, the shifter is designet to be exposed or stay under the stock Lotus S2 cover (or under the aftermarket carbon cover).

Yes, the shifter is designet to work perfectly with the stock hand brake lever and its micro switch.

It depends on the year of the car. From year 2008 it should be possible to resuse the stock gear knob, but to be 100% sure it is better to measure the gear lever thread on your car: if M12 the answer is “yes”, if M10 the answer is “no” and you’ll need to buy an M12 gear knob (like the ones available on the Dolomitishifter webshop).

Yes, on our youtube channel Dolomiti Shifter – YouTube you can find some info and 4 specific videos regarding the shifter setup. There is also a “mini tutorial” in this video Je perce des trous dans l’EXIGE V6 😱 – Ft. DOLOMITI SHIFTER – YouTube. Morover, once Dolomiti Shifter has received the payment, we will send you an email with some suggestions. We are not responsible for any incorrect installation.

The Dolomitishifter works plug&play with all the Honda K20/K24 converted cars that are running with the stock “Toyota shifter”.

If your car is running with the old “Rover shifter”, it is still possible to fit the Dolomitishifter, but you have to change the shift cables to the “1ZZ/2ZZ version” (ex: the SSC ones) and you need a new shift cables brachet. Depending on you gearbox version, it may be necessary to add some adjustements on the gearbox linkage during installation.

Please contact us and we will add your country to our shipping database.

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